Dear Parents,

The Unified Crèches of District 8 of Budapest (Józsefvárosi Egyesített Bölcsődék) provides day care at seven sites, with 492 available places, for young children from twenty months up to three years of age, or until the 31st of August after their third birthday.

Children’s admission to day care begins by a visit in the facility, followed by a visit by the future child carer at the family of the child, as well as gradual acclimatisation together with the parent(s). These meetings provide an opportunity for the parents to get to know their child’s carer and the principles and practices of day care; furthermore, they enable child carers to learn more about the child and their personal habits with the assistance of the parents, thus making it easier for the child to adapt to the new environment.

As each of our crèches has its own kitchen, age-appropriate and modern nutrition is ensured even for children who have to keep a special diet because of food intolerance.

Our day care facilities aim at promoting the physical and mental well-being and balanced development of children. Modern facilities, schedules and material conditions suitable for the particular age groups, as well as our child-loving, well-trained and highly-experienced staff are the guarantees of our crèches’ outstanding professional performance.

We create a loving, secure and familiar atmosphere so that each and every child can develop in accordance with their own capabilities, experience the joy of carefree play and enrich their minds and fantasies, which, later on, will enable them to think creatively and continue to develop.

While respecting their privacy, in cooperation with the parents, we strive to make the children entrusted to our care become individuals who are open to the world, eager to learn, susceptible, independent and accept the fundamental rules of social coexistence.

In addition to day care, we also provide special counselling, temporary child care and other services supporting families in parenting.

The following services are provided against a fee:

  • • temporary child care service (according to your individual needs, in all of our 7 crèches).

The following services are provided free of charge:

  • • playhouse, family afternoon,
  • • development tools, rental of basic child care equipment,
  • • preventive development programs,
  • • counselling by a psychologist,
  • • child care at home,
  • • services provided by the Biztos Kezdet Gyerekház (Safe Start Children’s House).

You can learn more about our crèches and the services offered at this website as well as in our Professional Programme.

In the summer, crèches will be closed alternately for 2 weeks, but if necessary, a nearby open crèche will accept your child during this temporary closure period.

At our website, you can read more about the closure periods of our crèches in the ‘Information’ section and learn about our programs, weekly menus, recipes of our children’s favourite dishes and other curiosities in the ‘News’ section.

Learn more about our work. We would gladly meet you and your children personally at our crèches.

Koscsóné Kolkopf Judit

Head of Institution